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Reconnect with your website visitors with targeted, relevant advertising as they browse the web.

When people leave your website without purchasing anything or registering their details with you, your organisation has lost that opportunity. This is where remarketing comes in.

Whether your goal is to boost sales, register more leads or promote awareness of your brand, remarketing is a key component of a digital strategy, maximising the return on investment you receive from your website traffic.

Here’s how it works:

  • Most advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) provide a piece of code known as a tracking pixel that can be installed on relevant pages of your website;
  • This pixel tracks your visitors’ activities on your website and installs a cookie on their browser;
  • You can then segment your audiences within each advertising platform based on a range of criteria, including which pages they visited and length of time spent on your website;
  • You are then able to serve relevant ads to each unique audience.

Benefits of Remarketing

Not all of your website’s visitors are ready to buy, but remarketing can reconnect you with these potential customers at a later date and at more timely touch points, pointing them back towards your site.

With remarketing it is even possible to create bespoke marketing lists for specific advertising goals, for example messaging for one time visitors, returning visitors and ‘shopping cart abandoners’.

Remarket with Google AdWords

Remarketing with Google AdWords allows for large-scale reach, connecting with previous visitors to your website as they browse over two million websites and mobile apps that are part of the Google Display Network.

Video remarketing is also available, allowing you to advertise to consumers who have previously engaged with your videos or YouTube channel, while email-list remarketing enables remarketing to your email database when they’re signed in to one of the Google apps.


Remarketing on Social Networks

People spend a huge amount of their online time on social media networks, and you can utilise remarketing tactics to deliver your messaging directly to their feeds.

By utilising social media-specific tracking pixels on your website you can target previous visitors with tailored content, making use of segmentation to create custom audiences.

Customer Match & Audience Retargeting

If you’ve got a large database of email contacts then remarketing to them provides an excellent opportunity to retain visibility.

Some advertising platforms, such as Google and Facebook, allow you to upload your email lists and remarket to your prospects while they browse their social channels or visit other websites - this is known as Customer Match, Custom Audiences or Tailored Audiences.

If you have enough information about these prospects, you can also use customer segmentation to create multiple lists, targeting the different groups with the content that is most relevant to them.

To find out more about how remarketing can drive more repeat website traffic, leads and customers, get in touch with the team at Klood Digital.

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