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Do these challenges sound familiar?

Your sales team spends too much time on low-value tasks

Your website doesn't convert enough leads

MQL to SQL hand-off needs co-ordination

You're not using your contact database to its full potential 

Closing on a sale takes a long time

You miss opportunities to upsell or retain customers

We have solutions you'll love 

Let us uncomplicate your sales and marketing processes by strategically using HubSpot to streamline your operations. We will automate and manage lead gen, sales, and marketing tasks, allowing your teams to focus on the creative and customer-facing interactions that win more sales for your business. 

Who we help


Business Owners

Owners, CEOs and managing directors who want to see robust automated sales and marketing process

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Marketing Managers

Marketing teams are delighted by Klood's Auto Growth Mode as it delivers results that can be traced back to their marketing tactics, automates tough processes, and drives traffic directly to their converting content offers.

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Sales Leaders

Sales directors and managers enjoy how Kood's Auto Growth Mode helps to focus their team’s time on impactful engagements with the right people, at the right time.

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5 Steps to Klood's Auto Growth Mode

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5 Steps to Klood's Auto Growth Mode

Every small business needs a little extra help to jump onto the next level of growth and profitability. Klood can help you automate elements in your sales process so that you can achieve your revenue goals faster. We assess your needs and make the best strategy and tool recommendations for your business. Following five simple steps, we help you enter Auto Growth Mode. This is where you can attract, engage, delight and retain customers in a cost-effective way that doesn't eat into your time, allowing you to focus on other business essentials while the systems and processes we've implemented alongside you work hard to gain and retain paying customers. 

How does Auto Growth Mode?

40 minute KloodUp call

Step 1: The KloodUp Call

The KloodUp call is a free 40-minute consultation where — you guessed it — we get clued up on everything about you and your business! What are your goals? What's preventing you from reaching them? What needs to change in your sales and marketing processes to make lead generation and conversion smoother? Why do we need to know so much? Because in turn, we use the information you provide to create a personalised playbook that helps you improve the way you do business right away. To get KloodUp and discover new growth opportunities for free, start by booking your call. This is also your chance to learn more about us and decide whether we're a good fit.  

Let's Get KloodUp

GamePlan Strategic Inbound Marketing Strategy for B2B SaaS

Step 2: Plan for Implementation

After deep diving into exactly what your small business requires to improve its sales and marketing efforts, we'll select the right tools for the job. Working together, we will map the key processes and strategies you need to ensure your business can enter Auto Growth Mode. We'll create a timeline and SLAs to hold everyone accountable, ensuring you see the results you set out to achieve.  

Setup Automation with HubSpot

Step 3: Setup and Onboard 

Once your implementation strategy is in place, we'll help you setup and onboard world-class automation solutions designed to fit your needs and budget. Our experts will train you and your team to maximise the power of your new tools. We always make recommendations that align with the sales and marketing objectives of your particular business so that you can achieve genuine results. The goal is to empower you with the necessary know-how to manage and execute your own campaigns without the hassle and expense of third parties. 

Deliver at scale with a GamePlan

Step 4: Review and Scale

Growth happens at scale and by design. Our team will continue to check in, ensuring that you're staying on course and utilising your sales and marketing automation tools in line with best practices. We offer resources and expert consultation services to business leaders who want to continue achieving more through sales and marketing automation. 



Step 5: Celebrate with your team!

Your business is now utilising the tools and strategies that have put you into Auto Growth Mode! The unconnected manual tasks that made it difficult to fill your sales pipeline are now working efficiently and automatically. Your business is thriving, and your sales and marketing efforts are bringing in results you can actually measure. We think this is worth celebrating!


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I was really impressed with the consultant at Klood from the get-go, their lead generation techniques drew me in. Their strategic audit of our business and stakeholders was thorough, the ‘Playbook’ that was produced was very granular and actionable.

Keit Vende - Marketing Manager - HGEM

Make More of Your Business - Automate Sales & Marketing Processes and Start Growing Now 

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