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The SaaS Marketing GamePlan

Documented Marketing Strategy and Activity for Growth

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Focus Your Growth With the GamePlan

The Klood Growth Model is a proven process that focuses on the three pillars that are required to successfully grow a SaaS business.


Attract Leads

Ensuring that you have a regular flow of people visiting your website that convert into hand-raiser – people that indicate that they are interested in your product.


Engage Prospects

Having the right systems, processes, and content in place so that your sales teams can close more deals at a greater rate.


Delight & Retain

Providing world-class onboarding and customer service that means they stay with you for longer and increase your customer lifetime value.

klood growth model

To implement the Klood Growth Model into your business, you’ll need to have a strategy that will provide you with a clear roadmap that will take your business to new heights.

This is where the GamePlan comes in.

The GamePlan

The GamePlan gives you the exact strategy needed to deliver success through inbound marketing.

It consists of 3 elements:


Opinions don’t matter, data does! This is why we start by gathering information about your current business positioing, your industry and competitors, as well as how well your sales and marketing is currently performing. It’s only once we’ve got the actual facts that we define the strategy for your personalised inbound plan.


Your GamePlan will contain the actions recommended in order for you to hit your growth targets. You’ll know who you’ll be targeting, how you’ll reach them, and what you’ll do with them once you have captured their details.


This is the actual campaign strategy that will be implemented to put your GamePlan into action. This is where all the insights from your data come together with your strategy and deliver the results laid out in the strategy element.

When you engage with the Klood team, the GamePlan is the first and most vital deliverable that we provide. At the end of the GamePlan project, we provide you with a full strategic document to drive your sales and marketing forward. From here, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go it alone, or if you would like our team of specialists to work with you to implement your strategic marketing plan.

"I was really impressed with Klood from the get-go, their lead generation techniques drew me in.
Their strategic audit of our business and stakeholders was thorough, the ‘GamePlan’ that was produced was very granular and actionable."

Keit Vende - Marketing manager - HGEM

Creating Your GamePlan


Growth Call

In order to help you start growing your SaaS business, we need to understand where you’re at, what you’re looking to achieve and why you are looking for support. This free SaaS Growth Call takes 15 minutes and clarifies where we can help your business overcome the blockers to your growth.


Growth Strategy Workshops

This is your GamePlan, and in order for it to deliver the return on investment you're looking for, it needs to be tailored to your vision of growth.

We run two virtual workshop sessions with you and your team covering the key elements needed to create a winning plan.

Session 1 
Your business - Understanding your offering, your goals and challenges

Session 2 
You customers - A deep dive into your buyer personas and the content that they’re looking for


Data-driven Research

Great strategies are built on a base of data and analytics. To further understand your buyers and what they truly want from your marketing, we conduct client interviews, user research, competitor analysis, website audits and keyword research.


Content Plan

We know who your market is, we know what problems they want solving. Now, we put together a content plan that is designed to attract visitors to your website and help you to nurture those visitors until they’re ready to buy and beyond.



Once all of the GamePlan creation steps have been completed, your account manager will present your GamePlan to you. You will be guided through the recommended steps and priorities needed in order to hit your goals. You now have a complete step-by-step action plan for your SaaS marketing strategy.

Accelerate your growth with a GamePlan for Inbound Success

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