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Equip your sales team with the tools that help

When your normal lead generation activities, such as networking and exhibitions are no longer an option, but the need for your SaaS solution is still there, how do you get in front of your prospects and continue to sell?

Now more than ever, traditional field sales teams are needing to turn towards technology to find new ways to reach out, connect and close deals - all from their home office.

This is where HubSpot Sales Pro can help

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Unlimited sales email templates

Build a library of sales email templates that deliver high impact results and share them with your team. Use automated personalisation to quickly deliver the right message to your prospects.

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Automated outreach with no spam

Build automated sales sequences that deliver personalised followup emails and task reminders for your sales team. Directly target the deals most likely to close with the right message, at the right time.

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Meeting links that remove barriers

With the meetings link tool, you remove the barriers to booking your first or follow-up meetings with prospects. Never play email tag again by allowing quick and direct access to your availability at a push of a button.

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Automated admin for sales teams

Take control of the admin time-sink with HubSpot Sales Pro’s automated data entry features. Give time back to your sales team and let the software update contact information, log activity, track emails, create tasks and more.

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Track, view and control your entire sales pipeline

The deals dashboard provides you with an end-to-end view of your sales pipeline, allowing you to identify the best performing reps and deals that require attention to prevent them from stalling. Create powerful custom reports to help you optimise your sales pipeline and win more business.

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Integration with communication tools

HubSpot Sales Pro can be integrated with your Gmail or Outlook to allow your teams to work with the power of automation, templates, sequences, and meeting links, all within the tools they are familiar with.

Why HubSpot Sales Pro for SaaS?

Efficient sales processes and automation


Increase your sales efficiency

An efficient sales process is a profitable sales process and enables your sales teams to do more of the activities that win big deals. From automating your outreach, predictive lead scoring, automated hot target alerts, and eliminating admin tasks - investing in HubSpot Sales Pro can help you speed up every stage of your sales process.


Focus sales efforts on high-profit wins

Sales teams that are able to identify their best leads and focus their energies on these accounts win big deals. Task management and automated sales emails for your sales teams allow them to keep new business leads engaged, whilst closing deals that are ready to buy.


Support remote sales teams

HubSpot Sales Pro is a SaaS solution designed with distributed sales teams in mind. Utilise reports and dashboards to quickly understand how your sales team is performing. Combine this with the powerful HubSpot CRM to assign tasks and help manage the sales workload.


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SaaS Sales Expert Programme

Adapting your existing sales process to generate more revenue


At Klood, we use these tools in our own sales process and have seen first-hand how they help save time and energy throughout the sales journey. We have taken this experience and knowledge to our clients to help them grow their businesses, which now more than ever, has helped keep their sales teams in front of prospects and continue to sell.

Get in touch today to see how the SaaS Sales Expert Programme will help your sales.

What is Included in the SaaS Sales Expert Programme

Your programme will cover tasks from the items below. Your programme will be designed to suit your unique business and may differ.

  • • Sales process mapping
  • • Defining sales terminology
  • • Lead qualification definitions
  • • Internal SLAs for sales and marketing
  • • Lead handover process
  • • CRM setup
  • • Deal stage definitions
  • • Pipeline setup
  • • Creation of sale sequence emails
  • • Email and calendar integrations
  • • Setting up dashboards and reports
  • • Training on HubSpot CRM and Sales Pro
  • • Setup of Reporting Dashboards


Pricing from £1100 and will be quoted dependant upon the scope of work.

Book a Growth Call with one of our experts to discuss your sales expert programme

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