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HubSpot Coaching and Ongoing Support

For Teams that Want to Get the Most Out of HubSpot Software

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HubSpot is a great tool, but without the time or skills to set it up and use it properly, you may feel you've wasted your money. 

Many companies spend thousands of pounds on the software only to be disappointed when they can't figure out how to make it work for them. They end up spending more money trying to fix their problem than they did on the software in the first place!

Whether you've recently completed your HubSpot onboarding or you're a long time HubSpot power user, to get HubSpot singing and performing for you, you'll need a structured approach and a proper plan to translate your goals into actionable tasks. Most importantly, you'll need to view things from a long-term perspective.

An ongoing coaching and support service will help to keep you on track. 



Coaching and Support Service

Klood will provide you with a dedicated HubSpot expert who is experienced in both the software and the strategies needed in order to achieve your goals.

Whether it's implementing a completely new inbound marketing campaign and funnel, optimising your sales processes or setting up your customer support helpdesk, your coach is knowledgeable and experienced in helping businesses reach their goals.

You'll have a dedicated person who will work with you to get to know your business and help you create your strategy, devise an implementation plan, and guide you through the process.


Who is this service for?

As this is a done-with-you service, it's aimed primarily at businesses that have an in-house resource and don't want to engage an agency on a full done-for-you basis, but they still would like guidance from Inbound and HubSpot experts.



Investment and duration of agreement


Option 1

✓  Dedicated Consultant 

✓  Initial goal setting and scoping call (Approx 90 minutes) -

✓  Bi-Weekly 60 minute project management and coaching call

✓  Documented project plan

✓  HubSpot project tool setup

✓  Up to 5 hours of ad-hoc email support per month

✓  12 working hour response support SLA

£500+vat per month - Min 3 months contract - 1 months notice


Option 2

✓  Dedicated Consultant 

✓  Initial goal setting and scoping call (Approx 90minutes)

✓  Weekly 60 minute project management and coaching call

✓  Documented project plan

✓  HubSpot project tool setup

✓  Up to 5 hours of ad-hoc email & phone/zoom support per month

✓  Up to 4 hours of hands on, done for you work - A specialist will actually do the builds/technical work if required or spend more time training your team.

✓  8 working hour response support SLA

£1200+vat per month Min 3 months contract - 1 months notice



Scope of works

Your HubSpot consultant will act as project manager, strategic consultant and trainer. The aim of this service is to provide you with on-hand support so that you can implement your campaign or project whilst giving your team the experience and knowledge to implement the agreed actions.

Depending on your support agreement, you will have regular project management calls as well as email and phone support from your named consultant.

Items not covered

This service is not suitable for building new websites or API and third-party software integrations. Your coach will be highly experienced in the native HubSpot tools, but as there are so many third-party software possibilities, they may not be versed in a particular one.

Whilst creative work such as content writing and graphic design is offered by Klood, it is not covered under this service.



Frequently asked questions


What happens if my consultant is not available due to sickness or holiday?

As a matter of course, once your coaching objectives have been agreed upon, they will be documented and shared with other members of the Klood team. Your named consultant will also personally brief another team member who will act as a backup and will understand your plan and will be available to provide support.


How many projects can be handled at once?

Focus is the key to getting things done and therefore we wouldn’t want to focus on any more than one objective per hub at any given time.


How will the engagement start?

Once you agree on the pricing option, you will receive an invite from your consultant to a kick-off call. During this call, the consultant will ask you about your business and your objectives. After the call, your consultant will document the objectives and the plan of action as well as configuring the project management tools in HubSpot and arrange a follow-up meeting to run through this with you.


I don’t have anyone in-house to do the work; can you do it for us?

Yes, we can, option 2 gives a limited amount of time where we will actually do the implementations for you. However, if you need a fuller hands-on service, then we can discuss that with you.


Should I contact HubSpot support or my Klood consultant for general support queries?

Whilst we’re happy to help with general software support queries, it may not be the best use of your allotted time. We’d recommend that you use HubSpot’s 24/7 support in order to answer immediate questions about the software and that we provide support that is related to your agreed project plan or is of a more strategic nature.


What project management system will you use?

We will use the HubSpot project tools in order to keep you on track, allocate tasks, provide further resources and set target dates.


What if I can’t make one of the calls?

If we have more than one working day’s notice, then we can reallocate the call with no problem. Unfortunately, if it’s less than a day’s notice, the call will be forfeited.


What if I haven’t had a chance to complete the work?

The actions agreed upon would have been discussed with you and checked to ensure that it’s realistic that you can achieve them within the given time frame. However, we understand that things happen and some delays are unavoidable. Still attend your call and you can discuss any issues with your coach and adjust the due dates accordingly.


I have multiple people who will be working on this, can they each attend the calls?

We’re happy to work with multiple people in your team as long as they have a clear responsibility and ownership of a particular project. Group training can also be offered if you need to have multiple people trained on a particular hub or skillset.


What if I don’t use the allocated time?

For the general email support, this is not transferable to the following month - For those who elect option 2 that has some done for you service included in the package, this time can be carried over for up to one month.


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