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Privacy Policy

About You

This Privacy Notice relates to the personal data you give over this website and other data we collect. We are the data controller named in the Contact Us section. We share some or all of your personal data with other  businesses namely HubSpot who are the providers of our customer relationship management and marketing software.

If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not provide us with your information. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time at our absolute discretion.

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy or relating to the transfer of your personal data, please contact us at the address below.

What Personal Data We Collect

We collect the personal information you provide when you register with us in any way to use any of our online or other services.If you give us or we hold your personal information, this indicates that you consent to our using it and we will treat it  in accordance with this policy. We respect your privacy and the choices you make about how you want us to contact you.

Personally Identifying Information - We collect personal contact information such as your name, address, contact details including your e-mail address, mobile number and other provided contact details. We also collect personal data from other sources including :-

  • any forms you fill in at any time,
  • over the telephone;
  • competition entries; and
  • other companies and businesses which have your permission to share your personal data with us and others from time to time

We retain your emails as part of our records and may use the information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice.

Cookie Generated Information

Click here to see our Cookie Policy.

We use cookies to improve the performance of our site and give you the best experience we can. Cookies are small files, placed onto your device's memory, or hard drive when visiting most websites. They help the site 'remember' if you've been there previously. In some cases it means it can put on screen things of interest to you. We use cookies for these types of activity: Experience - to track visitors on our website (where they've come from, how long they stay and what they look at when on our site). Security - to protect your personal data and prevent fraudulent activity. Choices - during our signup process these allow you to choose and order our services. Marketing - to see how our campaigns are working. This helps us improve our website design, experience and offers. Information - We use third parties to collect anonymous user information, sometimes through cookies and web beacons. Video - Flash cookies which assist media player functionality without which some video content may not render correctly. Note: Our cookies don't store financial information, or personal details, e.g. your name or address.You can turn cookies off but if you do this you may not be able to use all services on our websites and you might see more pop-ups  and other intrusive advertising, as we won't be able to limit what you see using cookies. You may be able to use some of the site. Some of the cookies are set by business partners (e.g. analytics companies) to track and collect browsing behaviour Others are used to show specific content to you. (We don't control how these cookies are set). If you register for our website, turning off cookies will mean you cannot use this service.

Our websites may provide links to third party websites. Since we do not control those websites, you are responsible for reviewing and abiding by the privacy policies of those third party sites.

Sensitive Personal Data

We require these details in order to ensure we provide you with the correct goods ordered.We require these details in order to provide you with the relevant services.

Telephone Choices

We may record any telephone calls for :

ensuring that you receive good customer service from us;

to enable us to train our staff and improve services to you;

to establish, record and be able to prove the contract made between us over the telephone.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We require these details in order to ensure we provide you with the correct goods ordered.We require these details in order to provide you with the relevant services. We store your personal data and use it for the purposes set out below and as notified to you from time to time.

We also use your personal data for these purposes:

  • to tell you of any changes to our terms and conditions or of our Privacy practices. If you continue to deal with us we will treat that as acceptance of our new Privacy terms. You may object to us by notice in writing to the Contact address.

We may also need to provide it to other firms who provide us with services (such as an IT management firm) to keep our systems running and other services we need. We will take our normal commercial measures to keep your data safe. We will ensure that these parties only process your personal data in accordance with our express instructions.

We may also pass it to outside businesses and others  to help fulfil the contract, deliver services and other reasons consistent with this Privacy Notice and others.

We provide your details to third parties whose products we provide you e.g., products or chosen services we do not have.

We use your personal information to manage  and to provide the goods or services ordered and collect payments.

Online Services

We may also ask voluntary questions during registration for certain services so we can understand our users. We can then personalise services for you.


Where you have given consent to market you we will send you our marketing and promotional materials for services, products, surveys, competitions, events  and other activities we think useful to you.

Where permitted we may market you with the products of carefully selected third parties.

We (and third parties under contract with us) use customer contact information to personalise the types of information you receive from us, to determine customer satisfaction with products and/or services we have provided and to improve the operation of our services to you.

We may combine or match data your personal data to:

for internal business purposes including aggregating information, cross matching and pooling data for effective data management, to understand your needs, improve security, devising, deploying and measuring marketing campaigns and other similar and reasonable business purposes

We use online behavioural advertising (OBA) which allows us to deliver targeted advertising to visitors. As you browse our site, some of the cookies used are advertising cookies, so we can understand what sort of pages you are interested in. It then generates adverts which we believe may interest you based on your use of  our site. The OBA techniques we use will not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address or phone number. We may also share anonymised behavioural data with advertising partners. This may mean that when you are on other websites, you will be shown advertising based on your behaviour on our website.   We may also show you advertising on our site based on your behaviour on other sites you have visited and where you appear to have given permission. This is known as Behavioural retargeting and is another form of OBA that allows us and some of our advertising partners to show you ads based on your browsing patterns and interactions with other sites.  You can opt out of this form of marketing, but you will still see adverts when you visit our site, they just will not be personal for you

You can withdraw your consent to any marketing at any time by writing to us at the address in the Contact Us section below


We will also use it for internal business purposes including  effective data management, to understand your needs, improving security of data, for statistical analysis, devising, deploying and measuring marketing campaigns and for such and other reasonable business purposes and operational efficiency improvement.

Who We Share With

Where we share your data with others  we make it a requirement that they have in place appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

Occasionally, we may be required by law enforcement, government contract administrators, and/or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information to the appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities under applicable law or regulation. We will disclose personally identifiable information upon receipt of a court order, subpoena, or if required to co-operate with law enforcement investigations. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful to the extent permitted by law

We may disclose your Personal Data acting reasonably if we believe such action is necessary, for example, to protect and defend our rights or property, or to protect the interests of our customers.

We may disclose your Personal Data acting reasonably if we believe such action is necessary, for example, to protect and defend our rights or property, our Group, or to protect the interests of our customers.

Without limiting the above, we may disclose your Personal Data acting reasonably in the following circumstances:

(a) to any debt collection agency, credit or fraud monitoring scheme, security agency, or provider of any information relating to you including your personal financial information and details of how you have performed in meeting any obligations you have to us;

(b) to any party we have a commercial relationship for the purpose of accounting and auditing;

(c) any disclosure as may be required to engage without professional advisers including, but not limited to, bankers, lawyers, accountants and other consultants;

(d) any disclosure within our Data Protection Act notification registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office; and

(e) any disclosure as permitted under current UK data protection law.

Keeping Your Data

We keep you personal data for the period we have a relationship and may keep it for up to 6 years after that in order to comply with record keeping needs and other legal reasons. We will review our retention of your personal data in line with legal circumstances.

We may retain some personal data for historical research or statistical analysis purposes and where relevant reduce it to anonymous form.

We have put in place procedures and other security appropriate to protect the personal information you share with us.

We destroy it using secure or certified methods of destruction when no longer needed.

Sending Data Abroad

When we send your personal data to a country out of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Argentina, Canada (commercial organisations), Faeroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland and Uruguay or it may have a lower legal standard of data protection to our country. Where this is the case we ensure we put in place measures to ensure a similar standard to that we require at home.If any party we share your data with is based in a country not deemed to have adequate data protection laws we make sure that they apply appropriate security processes to keep it secure.

Your Rights and Choices

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy or relating to the transfer of your personal data, please contact us at the address below.

You may ask to have the information on your account deleted or removed; however, because we keep track of certain transaction information, such as past purchases, and other similar information, for legal compliance purposes (including company bookkeeping) we may not be able to delete certain information. If information we hold appears to be inaccurate we will block its use until the position is verified to our satisfaction.

You can correct your personally identifiable information yourself by contacting us with a request for your change. We will change it if you can prove to our satisfaction that our information is incorrect or inaccurate.

You have a right to access your personal data by contacting us as shown below. We may charge you our reasonable costs if your demands are excessive in terms of extent or frequency or are unreasonable in all the circumstances.

Contacting Us

You can contact us in the following ways:

  • by email to
  • in writing to Klood Digital Ltd, Unit 34 Interchange Business Park, Howard Way, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes for the attention of Trevor Nicholls
  • by telephone 01908 299579