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Software Explainer Videos: Choosing The Right Agency For The Job

3 Must Read SaaS Sales Books
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Are you looking for some inspiration to help get your SaaS sales off the ground? With so much sales literature and content online as well as a plethora of hyped-up sales “gurus” offering advice, it’s easy to get sucked into the browsing rabbit hole. Sometimes it’s refreshing just to go back to basics with a good old fashioned book.

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What are Explainer Videos and Why Do they Work?
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Definition of an explainer video An explainer video is a quick way to convey the core functions of your product or service in a digestible, sharable format. Your video can be animated or live-action; the key is to make it attention-grabbing, memorable and informative. Use your explainer video to tell the viewer what your business is about and how your value proposition is going to address his or her pain points. 

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SaaS Marketing Strategy 101: Where to start
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SaaS marketing is a formidable task; you’re working with an intangible product that’s always changing, not to mention the fact that the technical jargon involved can throw in a real curveball when trying to get your commercial message across to the average person. 

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