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From Social Media Leaders to SaaS Growth Specialists

How digital and inbound marketing became our passion

The Story so far…

Klood Digital is today known as “Klood: The SaaS Growth Agency”. We’re a team of inbound and digital marketing specialists that have a passion for helping companies develop and implement strategic marketing GamePlans that attract leads, engage prospects and help to delight and retain customers.

It all started with social

Before we became experts at creating healthy pipelines we needed to learn the ropes.

Starting life out in the wild west of “social media” marketing we worked with brands that were looking to use the power of social media. They wanted to connect directly with their prospects and customers and increase their brand awareness. Over time we started delivering bigger marketing projects for our growing client base, little did we know that soon this new frontier would become something so much more.

Social Media Icons

Early glimpses of the future

As we settled into the new frontier of marketing, we continued to develop the services that we provided. During this time, our digital account management team started to grow to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

We were no longer asked to just monitor and publish our clients’ social strategy, we were designing and developing websites, providing qualified leads for our clients and engaging with their prospects through email and content marketing. We even found ourselves partnering with a revolutionary business called HubSpot.


Coming of age

It was around this time that a major change to Klood would occur. We realised that we were no longer a social media business, we had turned organically into an inbound marketing agency. So, in 2017 we made the bold decision to refocus our core service offering and focus on what we had become experts in - helping SaaS companies grow through a systematic process that focused on their ideal customers and business goals.


Our Core Values


We always work together for the benefit of our clients and the agency, not for the benefit of ourselves.


We don’t stick rigidly to an SLA or schedule of work—we go the extra mile for our clients whenever we can.


We work hard to make sure we never let anyone down, whether that’s our clients or our colleagues.


We’re experts in what we do, but we can always know more, which is why we always strive for self-improvement.


We take pride in our work as well as the agency itself.


We believe in doing the right thing every time, whether that’s in how we deliver for our clients or how we treat each other.


It’s not just about completing tasks; we’re driven by achieving genuine, measurable results for our clients.

Meet the Klood Team



Speciality: Talking tech and applying winning sales and marketing strategies.

In another life I would be:
Ricky Gervais, making people laugh, saying it how it is and a love for dogs!


Customer Success Manager

Speciality: Marketing strategy and noise enthusiast.

In another life I would be:
Ozzy Osborne, enjoying life, playing music and being a constant source of amusement/frustration to my family.


Content Manager

Speciality: Channeling my over-loquacious tendencies into writing content.

In another life I would be:
…that’s a bit existential. I’ll get back to you.


Graphic Designer

Speciality: Colouring in.

In another life I would be:
Myself, only with better hair and a tidier flat.


Account Coordinator

Specialty: Chaos Filter.

In another life I would be:
Working for Disney/Pixar as a storyboard/concept artist.

Join the Team

Do you have a passion for business growth and Inbound?

If you’re interested in working with the Klood team, we would love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for exciting people with great professional talents.

As a member of Klood you get to work with some amazing SaaS clients and deliver projects that make a real impact on their business and marketing performance.

You’ll also be provided with personal development time each week and access to market-leading training services

Attach your CV and complete the form, along with any supporting information.

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