Make Your SaaS Solution Stand Out With Explainer Videos

Stand out from the crowd and make it easier for your customers to choose you.

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If you are looking to introduce video to your marketing mix, you're not alone. HubSpot reports that "65% of marketers are planning to increase their video marketing budget in 2019."

It's clear to see why:

  • Not only is user engagement higher with video than other content formats, but explainer videos also give you the perfect opportunity to provide decision makers with the most information in the shortest amount of time. 
  • The linear format of video allows you to guide a user from the problem they are experience right through to the solution you provide. 
  • You can quickly show the benefits of your solution with a brief demonstration of your software in the context of your buyer's needs.
  • Video allows for your brand's personality to shine through, too. By writing a little well-timed joke or two into your script you can entertain the viewer to help your brand stand out from your competitors. 

With a one-minute animated video costing £3,000 on average, you may be surprised at how cost-effective explainer videos can be for your business. Get in touch today for a bespoke quotation. 

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