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Video content is an increasingly important part of your inbound marketing mix, and more and more brands are taking advantage of the opportunities it provides.
The cost of your video depends upon a number of factors, such as animation versus live action, the length of the video and whether or not you need a script and voiceover.
Follow the steps below and we'll give you a rough price as to how much your video might cost.

What sort of video would you like to create?
What style of animation are you interested in?
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Do you need the video editing, or just raw footage?

Do you need a voice over?

Do you need a script ?

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How long will the video be?

How long will the video be?

How long will the video be?

How long will the video be?

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Are you taking advantage of the video marketing revolution?

The jury is in. Video marketing is the present and future of inbound.

The statistics are clean and unambiguous. Video is the reigning king of content marketing.

Almost 50% of internet users look for a related video when researching products and services (Google, 2016), while including product videos on your website can increase purchases by a massive 144% (Neil Patel, 2017). Can you afford not to take advantage of it?

We have experience in producing both live action and animated video content for organisations operating in a number of industries, and it might not cost as much as you might think. Use our video calculator above to receive an estimate based on your specific requirements.

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