Convert to Customers

Generating leads is just one part of the puzzle - what you do with a lead once you’ve got it is another challenge altogether. Your goal is to convert that lead so that they become a paying customer, and failing to do so means that all your other marketing efforts go to waste.

Lead Qualification

Time is precious, which means you don’t want to be wasting it pursuing leads that aren’t likely to ever become customers. Klood Digital will work with you to understand what your ideal customers look like, as well as define a qualification process and set of rules that will help your sales teams focus their efforts on the right prospects.

Lead Nurturing

Just because someone’s registered their details with you doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy. Most consumers conduct their research online before buying and may still be gathering information.

A structured lead nurturing programme can be used to serve tailored, targeted content that is both relevant and timely, aiding their purchase decision and, most importantly, encouraging them to make that purchase from you.

Sales Enablement

Making sure that your sales teams are armed with the right tools and information can only help to increase their productivity and results.

An effective customer relationship management (CRM) system will help to give visibility over each lead, including contact history and at what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re at, either serving the right messages to your prospects through a marketing automation system or prompting your team to make contact.


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