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GamePlan Pricing

The GamePlan is a marketing strategy created from a workshop with you and your team to really understand your business and its goals as well as walk you through the inbound marketing process to help you create content that will resonate with your ideal customers. This one-day workshop will provide the foundation to your marketing strategy going forward and give you key takeaways that can be implemented straightaway

Once you have the GamePlan in your hands you can choose the best monthly service retainer to suit your objectives.

GamePlan Creation

Creation of your specific SaaS go-to-market strategy.


What you get:

GamePlan strategy document
Marketing assessment
Buyer’s journey
2 x buyer personas
1 x workshop
Content strategy
Pillar page identification
Competitior research

£4,000 + VAT
stand alone project fee

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Perfect for companies looking to build a strong inbound marketing strategy.


Typical credit spend:

1 x campaign
4 x blogs
1 x content offer
1 x conversion path
1 x email nurture

£3200 + VAT per month

80 Credits

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Ideal for companies seeking to accelerate their website traffic and digital leads.


Typical credit spend:

2 x campaigns
8 x blogs
2 x content offers
2 x conversion paths
2 x email nurtures
Social media

£6000 + VAT

160 Credits

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Created for established companies with aggressive growth goals or multiple buyer personas looking to scale quickly.


Typical credit spend:

3 x campaigns
12 x blogs
3 x content offers
3 x conversion paths
3 x email nurtures
Social media
Paid media

£8750 + VAT

240 Credits

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The GamePlan

For any SaaS business there comes a point where your industry connections and lead generation tactics start to become stagnant. It’s a perfectly natural part of the growing pains of any business.

As your business grows you need more revenue to keep your growth moving in the right direction. After all, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking right?

Without a strategy in place to tackle this phase of your growth, you’ll end up losing time and money on random activities that are not aligned to your goals and generate very little ROI.

This requirement for a documented strategy is why we kick off all of our new relationships with a GamePlan. We create this through an in-depth strategy project that completely maps out the recommended approach needed to attract visitors to your website, generate more leads and engage your prospects, so you can see your revenue grow.

To create this, we will arrange a workshop with you and your team to really understand your business and its goals as well as walk you through the inbound marketing process to help you create content that will resonate with your ideal customers. This one-day workshop will provide the foundation to your marketing strategy going forward and give you key takeaways that can be implemented straightaway.


What happens next?

Once you have the GamePlan in your hands you can choose the best monthly service retainer to suit your objectives. We will work with you to find the right package to suit your timelines, resources and budget to give you the best return on your investment. We work on a credit-based pricing system, which means you’re not restricted by a monthly task-based SLAs. Instead, you have the flexibility to use your credits where you need them. We’ve found this approach allows us to better work as an extended member of your team and you are able to see exactly where your investment is being spent.

Of course, if you have the resources and expertise in-house, can always deliver the GamePlan yourself, we’re happy to help you set your strategy and get you set off in the right direction.

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Website Design

A typical brochure website with us will start from £7000. However, just like your business, every website is different and to give you an accurate cost, we will need to find out a bit more about what you are looking to achieve.

Here are the main areas that will determine the price.


Complexity of design

We’ll be providing bespoke designs for your website that are based on your specified requirements. The more complex the design, the longer it’ll take to get it exactly how you want it. Our site designs are created using methodologies that help keep complexity to a minimum.


The number of templates required

Most websites have a number of templates that are used on different pages. When quoting for your website build it’s important to understand how many unique templates are required.


Who’s providing and populating the content?

You’ll reduce the costs if you are providing the content (images and copy) and populating the pages yourself. Alternatively, we can provide this service for you and will include these costs in any quote.


Any bespoke functionality?

If you need your website to be more than a brochure website and contain extra functionality that needs coding, then this will affect the price. For example, you may need a package calculator, a private customer area or some pages may need to be managed by a database.


Confused? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


GamePlan FAQs


What happens after the GamePlan is implemented?

The GamePlan is the foundation of your SaaS marketing campaigns and once implemented you’ll start to see results. We then build on this success by building on your website content and identifying new buyer personas, helping to drive more traffic and generate high-quality leads. As well as working alongside your team to assist with your marketing and HubSpot needs.


Is HubSpot required?

To maximise your lead generation you’ll need a marketing automation platform.We believe that HubSpot is the best solution, and as Platinum Agency Partners we have extensive experience in getting the most from the platform. We will be able to help you deploy HubSpot within your business and onboard your teams so that you can get the best of the platform too.


How much is HubSpot?

HubSpot Marketing Professional is the minimum version required to action your GamePlan and starts from £655 per month.

The full pricing can be seen here.

We’ll happily discuss with you the most appropriate level of the software needed for your business needs.


Is there a minimum time commitment?

Your marketing strategy takes time to start producing results. We believe that a 12-month programme is the optimum time frame by which to judge the effectiveness of GamePlan delivery. The minimum commitment to a marketing retainer is 6 months.


Are there any setup fees?

Klood doesn’t charge a setup fee, however, if you’re new to HubSpot there is a one-off on-boarding fee of £2,450. Once your GamePlan has been created you will be assigned an account team. They will work with you to implement and optimise your marketing campaigns.Based upon the information in the GamePlan, how fast you’re looking to implement and your budget, we’ll discuss an appropriate monthly package.We work on a credits based pricing system.


What is credits based pricing?

Credits based pricing is a system of pricing where each task completed carries a set credit value. Clients purchase a monthly package of credits and these are allocated against the agreed task each month.


Why credits based pricing?


When implementing your digital marketing campaigns, it’s important that you’re able to regularly review and adapt the priorities. One month you may need more work on SEO, whilst the next on content production. The credits based pricing model allows for regular changes in how the points are allocated rather than working to a fixed agenda of activity.


As each task carries a predetermined credits value, there are no surprises. We’re not running the clock on every task and you don’t have to worry about whether one member of the team is faster at delivering than another. You pay for the deliverable rather than the time spent.


How are your credits values determined?

Credits are calculated by a blend of the average time taken to complete a task, the skill level needed in order to carry it out and the value that it gives.


If I don’t use my credits, what happens?

It’s not ‘use it or lose it’! If you don’t use your credits in one month, they’ll simply roll over to the following month. During your regular account reviews and if we see that you’re regularly under or over using your allocation, we can re-evaluate your package to help you get the most from your investment with us.


Can I increase my credits?

Yes, no problem. You can either purchase a one-off extra amount of credits in order to complete a project or increase your monthly package.


What if I go over my credits?

We know that some months require more activity than others, so it’s not unusual for clients to exceed their monthly quota at least once or twice. It’s no problem, one month we’ll use more, then the next we may use less. We find that it balances out over time.


How do I know how many credits each activity is?

We publish a list of all of the regular activities that we do for clients with the associated credits. This can be accessed here, but we’ll also ensure that you have a copy as part of your onboarding.


Website Development FAQs


Do you outsource or develop in-house?

We have a team of in-house developers as well as some approved partners that we work with.


What platforms do you use?

We are specialists in both WordPress and HubSpot website development.


Do you host the websites?

We do offer a hosting service, but it’s not a requirement that your website is hosted with us.


Do you use themes?

Pre-built themes often have unnecessary features and functionalities, and often come with design constraints. We want to design a website that’s unique and bespoke to you, so we avoid using themes.