When you look for a new product or service, probably one of the main trains of thought that you have is, ‘I know I need this, but what’s it all going to cost?’

And if you can’t find that info, you’ll feel frustrated, right?

So, why should a digital marketing agency be any different?  We shouldn’t!

Now every client is different, so, we’re not able to give you a price list per se, but what we can give you is an understanding of how our pricing structure is made up and a range of different prices so that you have an idea.

Here’s how our pricing works for the three main services that we provide.

Inbound Marketing Pricing

We work to a points based pricing model which gives us the flexibility to vary the tasks we deliver each month.  Each deliverable carries a point value that is dependant upon the value it provides, the time taken and the technical expertise required to deliver.

Clients will pay a monthly retainer which purchase a certain amount of points. Our default packages range from between £3000 per month and £10,500 per month.  With the number of points increasing as the monthly retainer packages increase.

The increase in points allows for more work to be delivered each month and in turn to achieving faster results.

Website Design & Development

We’re often asked how much it would be to create a new website and until an exploratory scoping session is completed, it’s really difficult to say.  It depends upon the functionality of the site and the technical complexity, the number of pages and templates and whether it integrates with other systems.  

Pricing then breaks down into a number of areas:

Firstly the design.  Before the project goes near a developer, full designs are produced and signed of by yourself.

Then the developers code the website to give all the features and functionality requested and finally the copy is uploaded

We’ve taken on simple projects for as little as £3000 and more complex projects for as much as £75,000.

There’s no cost to having a chat with us about your website project, so why not book a call with us now.

Video Production

Similar to websites, it really depends upon what you’re looking for.

What will impact the price will be:

How long the video is
If animation, is it 2d or 3d
If film, are you providing footage or did you need us to film
Any voiceover or music required
Do you have a script/storyboard or are you looking for us to create one.

To get a quote on our video production services, you may find our video calculator useful.