Why Do You Need This Worksheet?


Would you like your website to perform better and appear higher in search results?

Download and follow use this basic SEO Audit to identify possible problems with your website and learn how to fix them.

The worksheet contains:

  • A checklist and guide to setup and install Google Analytics on your website
  • A list of useful tools you should be using to track progress and performance
  • Instruction on how to optimise each one of your website's pages
  • Mobile-friendly website advice
  • Steps to improve your presence in local search

This step by step worksheet will give you all the tools required for a basic SEO Audit - including educational links. By following this worksheet, you will know the areas of your website you need to improve and where you are performing well.

Download the guide by filling in the form.

SEO Audit Contents

  1. Tool setup
  2. Website accessibility & indexation
  3. Website Architecture
  4. Mobile-friendly section
  5. On-Page optimisation advice
  6. Content tips
  7. Social 
  8. Local SEO improvements


By working through each section of the worksheet, you will start to understand where you need to put in extra work to improve your website. You can save the worksheet to track your improvements and see how all your hard work is effecting your ranking within the SERP.