Inbound Marketing Strategy

Klood’s proven Inbound GamePlan will provide you and your business with the exact growth strategy for your business.

Klood_icon_CalendarInbound Marketing Strategy

Achieving great inbound marketing results doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a cohesive strategy that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Klood’s proven Inbound GamePlan will provide you and your business with the exact strategy needed in order to grow your business.

During the four week GamePlan project, our experienced inbound consultants will work with you to develop your comprehensive strategy document, a step-by-step actionable guide to building all the assets and content needed for inbound success.

We’ll start with two workshops involving your team’s key stakeholders to identify your vision for growth, identify your core business and generate a laser focus on your customers by developing your two primary buyer personas.

After the workshops, our team will get to work conducting both online and offline research to find out more about your company, competitors and customers.

Once we’ve conducted the research, we’ll know who it is that you’re looking to attract into your business and what questions they’re asking. We’ll then produce a full inbound content plan outlining the content offers, website content, landing page and email nurture series that will attract your prospects to your website, capture them as leads and convert them into customers.

To find out whether a GamePlan is suitable for your business, use the calendar link to find a time to talk to one of our inbound consultants.