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The Vloggers and Bloggers to Watch Out for in 2017

Aisling Green 9-Jan-2017

As far back as 2012, data has been indicating that 2017 will be the big boom year for the health and wellness industry.

Four years later and the the 2016 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and fitness industry is growing exponentially, with more health clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before, with the number of us joining fitness centres surpassing 9 million for the first time ever.

We’re ever more conscious of our bodies and the social expectations of what’s considered enviable. More and more of us are taking action as those goal-posts-of-perfection shift from the early noughties ano-phase to a healthier, leaner form.

One major factor for the shift, is the change in media outlets available to consumers. We no longer look solely to celebrities and print for inspiration, with social platforms such as YouTube creating their own, more ‘normalised’ celebrities.

These ‘vloggers’, as they’re known, are bridging the gap and leading the way when it comes to shaking up traditional media and their relevant industries. Just look at your local bookshop, this year has seen countless YouTube personalities releasing cookbooks and self help guides as an extension to their online offering, to great praise from their audience.

So, it’s without a doubt that 2017 will be the year of the health, fitness and well being revolution when it comes to YouTube talent.

Here’s a few of my favourites set to make waves in 2017:

Cat Meffan

For almost a year, Cat has been posting regular yoga tutorials on her YouTube channel and currently boasts a modest 3.4k subscriberbase.

She’s a natural when it comes to talking to the camera and engaging her audience. Like any successful vlogger she keeps her content varied yet relevant, with weekly vlogs and Q&A’s all focusing on food, nutrition and well being.

It’s hard to believe Cat’s channel isn’t more popular, however with 54k in Instagram followers and high profile chums like Carly Rowena, who are currently dominating the health and well being scene online, and a recent signing to major influencer talent group Gleam, I can’t imagine she’ll go undetected for long.

AJ Odudu

Lancashire born, London residing TV presenter and fitness fanatic AJ is one of a kind. Her passion for training hard and being health is almost as infectious as her personality.

AJ has been growing a steady following from 2013 to a pretty solid 12,000 followers. She absolutely nails her own marketing with well produced thumbnails and a fun and playful trailer on her channel. Aside from her fitness-inspo vids, she’s dabbled in the beauty industry, landing a campaign with L'Oreal alongside the likes of Cheryl Cole and Katie Piper.

If you fancy a laugh with a friendly face whilst starting your fitness journey, AJ is the woman for you.

Ali Gordon

Male influencers are certainly on the increase when it comes to lifestyle vlogs, and Ali is one of the best new guys on the block.

His content is consistent and covers all aspect of his lifestyle with his fiancee (and fellow digital influencer) Lydia. He’s recently given up his job to take up a role creating content full time.

As a fitness model he has a lot to offer young men looking to emulate his physical success. Ali nails the balance in content, keeping it consistent and current. With 30k YouTube subscribers, 12k followers on Twitter and a further 230k Instagram followers, this has to be the year Ali’s success snowballs.

Katie Pix

Possibly one of my favourite finds of 2016 was Katie Pix. Daughter of two chefs and close pal of Jamie Oliver, Katie offers her viewers quick and easy solutions that cut out the bad stuff, never compromising on flavour.

Another big personality, destined for presenting, she’s featured on Jamie’s Food Tube and in turn amassed 16k subscribers. A solid effort for a lady who’s only been creating videos for a year!

What’s up next for Katie? Well, with pretty steady flow of videos and another recent signing to Gleam, I expect her audience will expand to busy mums and health conscious uni students. Plenty of people to target, then.

Her wide eyes and big smile make it hard for you not to love her enthusiasm and only encourage you to get cooking yourself.  

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