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Klood Digital's Video Showreel

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We’ve been offering high class video services for some time now but, if I’m honest, it hasn’t been a service that we’ve promoted as much as we should have.

So, to that end, our resident motion graphics expert, James Richardson, has put together a showreel of his work which, I’m sure you’ll agree, demonstrates his expertise in the use of a number of video editing and animation techniques.

Take a look at the showreel. 


The showreel features snippets from a number of projects that we worked on, including:

MMRI Radar
MMRI Radar are a software company who were looking to promote their marketing research and digital listening software. We created a motion graphics video to explain how the software could help to service MMRI’s potential clients.

Klood Digital
We are in the process of creating in-house videos to inform and entertain existing and potential clients, as well as strengthen the Klood brand. We are making a series of brief explainer videos to summarise how Klood can help clients overcome their marketing problems which will be published on the Klood site soon. We are also recording footage at all digital marketing events and will be releasing promotional videos, as well as the full talks, for those who could not attend.

Football Whispers
The world’s first football transfer predictor. We produced a number of different videos for Football Whispers including promotional content, high end pitch videos and a number of regular social media videos which were shared daily both on Football Whispers’ own social media outlets and their affiliated sites, including Yahoo Sport and The Sun.

Arty Mouse
Arty Mouse is one of the stars of a new mobile app aimed at children called ‘Do you Promise?’ We created nine 30-second promise videos and one 30-second reward video all optimised ready for viewing on a phone screen. The process included creating a number of assets, planning and storyboarding each animation, and then rigging and animating Arty Mouse and his friends.

Worldchefs Academy
Worldchefs Academy is the biggest video project that Klood have undertaken to date. We scripted, directed and edited all video content to create over 30 video lessons designed to teach the basics required for a career in the culinary industry. This included a mix of live action footage and animated graphics.

Rocket Consulting
An SAP consultancy who have really evolved their brand through the use of cartoon characters, we developed some ideas for animated content that would help bring their product, website and brand to life.

Costa Coffee
Klood Digital built Costa’s online social media learning academy, complete with short animated lessons. Basic characters and engaging graphics helped to convey complex ideas in a simple, easy to digest way, all using Costa’s already well-established brand.

The consumer’s demand for video content means that, if you’re serious about marketing your business, it is an essential element of your marketing mix.

If you want to discuss how we can help you reach your audience with high quality video, then find a time in my diary below so that we can have a chat.





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