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Understanding and Using HubSpot Lifecycle Stages, Lead Status, and Deal Stages

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Rocket Consulting: Our Latest Client Success Story is Here

At Klood, we're hugely motivated by the success of our clients –– particularly when we've played a helping hand. Rocket Consulting came to us in 2018, seeking a powerful digital..

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What does ARR mean?

What does ARR stand for? ARR stands for Annual recurring revenue is a key metric for companies that use subscription-based pricing models –– so, most SaaS businesses. s Your ARR..

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SaaS Marketing Predictions For 2021

Digital marketing is always evolving. As new technologies become available and customer demands change, it’s crucial for businesses to harness the power of new tools and..

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Choosing the Best Sales Funnel Template for SaaS?

Sales funnels help boost sales. In fact, the internet is filled with stories of businesses that used sales funnels to grow their brands based on the ability to turn potential..

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Ensuring Your Sales Funnel Stages Grow Your Revenue Quickly

Guiding a customer along the path to a sale takes more than luck, it requires a sales and marketing strategy. To generate leads and revenue, it is necessary to educate a potential..

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