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Registration is open for the next #MKHUG

Liam Pickard 11-May-2020
Milton Keynes HubSpot User Group

The next Milton Keynes HubSpot Users Group quarterly meetup is now open for registration. In the first ever virtual meetup for the MKHUG community, we will be holding a panel discussion with sales and marketing experts from HubSpot and Klood. They will be taking your questions on how you can use the sales process and HubSpot tools to deliver highly impactful inside sales activities.

Turning Inside Sales Into a Sales Conversion Machine

Agenda for 3rd June

3:30 Introduction

Liam Pickard - MKHUG Marketing Crew

Introducing the first virtual MKHUG and giving a brief update on anything new in HubSpot or inbound. 


3:40 Why inside sales is about to BOOM

Ellie Wilson - MKHUG Sales Crew

What is leading towards the boom for inside sales? Ellie will look at trends and industry predictions that prove now is the time to maximise inbound sales and inbound marketing.


4:00 Outside sales to Inside Sales Round Table

Guest panel: HubSpot, Klood, Occam

Our expert panellists will go through your pre-submitted questions and live Q&A covering everything you need to know about the inside sales process, HubSpot tools and industry best practices such as lead scoring and qualification.

Reserve your HUG. 3rd June 2020

What is inside sales and how does it differ from outside sales?

Inside sales is often confused with telemarketing and telesales. Whilst some of the practices surrounding these traditional business tactics are used as part of an inside sales program, they are not the be-all-and-end-all of the inside sales model. Whereas a telesales agent is focussed on a do or die attitude to every call, the inside sales team are utilising their expert knowledge and a variety of sales enablement tools to conduct an end-to-end b2b sales process. 


HubSpot define inside sales as: 

“Inside sales reps remotely work with their potential customers to guide them through the sales process, ensuring they find an adequate product or service that helps the customer solve their problem” 


Inside sales teams are fast becoming the new sales model for companies in B2B, SaaS and tech markets. Field sales teams have been steadily adopting remote selling tools, such as web conferencing and online demonstrations, as a means to increase sales efficiency and reduce the cost of sale. In a digital-first world the outside sales teams are selling remotely on a daily basis, and during the current crisis this transition from the outside to the inside is set to accelerate. 

Join the MKHUG community and learn how to turn inside sales into a sales conversion machine.

Reserve your HUG. 3rd June 2020

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