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Funnel Fella Radio Discuss Conversions with Trevor

Liam Pickard 3-Sep-2020
Podcast Funnel Fella Radio Discuss Conversions with Trevor Nicholls

Funnel Fella Radio is an ongoing podcast hosted by Scott Dudley and features leading funnel marketing experts from around the world. Across the course of over 60 episodes, Scott has discussed everything from building funnels for Hollywood celebrities, through to combining paid and organic traffic.

Trevor, CEO of Klood Digital, is the driving force behind the agency's transition to becoming the go to marketing agency for SaaS businesses looking to fill their sales pipelines. 

In this episode, Scott interviews Trevor, where he reveals how important it is to use one-on-one selling to convert high ticket software into sales, and art of reducing churn by delighting customers after they sign up.


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