5 Opportunities at Klood you Wouldn't Expect from an Internship

5 Opportunities at Klood you Wouldn't Expect from an Internship

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The typical preconceptions of an internship are what we prepare ourselves for when we start on the first day. However, they slip away quickly at Klood as the opportunities offered don’t fit these preconceptions. In fact, the only opportunity that will never come up is learning the office's tea and coffee requirements!

I spent the last three weeks at Klood taking part in their internship programme, and here are the five learning opportunities that I did not expect.

1. To meet a team that doesn't make you feel like the 'newbie'

You expect a clichéd team that already has inside jokes, wants to avoid having to interact with the intern and reminds you that you are the new person. Instead at Klood you find a welcoming team that makes you feel as though you have worked there as long as they have.

2. To get hands on with a task

Making coffee, running errands and filing paperwork are the generic internship tasks that you assume you’ll be given. However, at Klood you are entrusted with learning the different tasks the job role would require and then being able to go off alone and put them into practice.

3. Being asked for ideas

As an intern you will often sit quietly trying to take on board the information coming your way and get on with the tasks given to you without providing any input of your own.

Klood allows you to make suggestions to resolve any issues that may arise and is willing to take on new ideas you have regarding the tasks you are working on.

4. Allowing mistakes

When learning new things there is a lot of information to take in, so it can be easy to get confused or worry about asking for help and clarifying something. Klood encourages questions and always has someone to help with any problem you might have.

5. Extra resources to further your learning

Not only does Klood offer you the opportunity to learn from the experts in the office, you can also join in with the variety of day to day activities across the different business areas you are interested in. Klood also suggest other resources you could benefit from and take away to further your learning.