The Milton Keynes HubSpot Users Group Goes Virtual

The Milton Keynes HubSpot Users Group Goes Virtual

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For the past five years, we've been proud to host the Milton Keynes HubSpot Users Group (MKHUG). The focus has always been to share inbound marketing best practices and help users to maximise the benefits of HubSpot’s tools and features. 

Traditionally, this open event has been held once every quarter, welcoming sales and marketing professionals from all around the region. We've always enjoyed meeting new and familiar faces, having insightful discussions, and inviting industry leaders to answer your questions. 

Understandably, in direct response to the global pandemic, we sadly had to cancel the first MKHUG of 2020.  

After closely working with HubSpot to ensure that the right method of continuing with these events is made available to our members, we are thrilled to announce that the next MKHUG will be taking place via Zoom


Join us on the 3rd of June at 3:30 pm for the very first virtual MKHUG. 


Full details on the focus topic for the upcoming virtual meetup, as well as info on how to register, will be released shortly. 

To avoid missing out on future announcements related to the MKHUG, join the MKMHUG Facebook Group or follow the HUG on Twitter @MK_HUG