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Klood become a Platinum HubSpot Partner

Trevor Nicholls 16-Aug-2018

We don't usually blog about ourselves here at Klood, but today is a proud moment for us.  We've been a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner for a couple of years now and, as of, today we've hit Platinum Tier Status.  

The HubSpot Tier Status is a recognition award to HubSpot Certified Agency Partners who achieve a certain level of sales of the HubSpot software but also, more importantly, a level of service of managing client's HubSpot portals.

This recognition from HubSpot puts Klood Digital in the top 10% of HubSpot Certified Agency Partners in the World. Over 1,900 Partner agencies are registered on the HubSpot partner directory — and at present only 170 have achieved Platinum partner status.

So, a big thank you to all our clients, staff and the team at HubSpot for helping us on our journey to HubSpot Platinum Status.

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