Why September is Subconsciously Linked to New Beginnings

Why September is Subconsciously Linked to New Beginnings

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September is an odd time of year. Not quite summer, but not quite autumn. Christmas and New Year is still 3 months away and it’s noticeably getting darker in the evenings.

Yet perhaps what September is most synonymous for is back-to-school. From a very young age, all children get into the habits of the school year, and after a long summer break, starting a brand new school year. The year ahead is fresh and exciting! The year gone no longer worth dwelling on. All that matters is what’s ahead and what can be achieved. So why should this stop once we reach our professional lives?


September is subconsciously linked to new beginnings and this should be a method we employ across our lives, and your inbound marketing strategy is no different.

When looking to improve your traffic, conversions and engagement, why wait until the new year to start? There’s no time like the present and the work you do on your digital marketing strategy today will be felt in 6 months.

Depending on your industry, lead generation takes time. Your leads are smarter than they’ve ever been, and by the time they find your solution they’ve already done their own research on their needs and requirements. Your buyers are already halfway there when it comes to making up their mind, and so you want to have a digital marketing strategy in place that educates and helps them along their buyer journey.

By falling back into old habits and using September as the month to start, you’ll be ahead of the competition who typically refresh their strategy in the new year or beginning of the financial year. While they’re scrambling to get themselves ready for the new year, by starting in September you will have already figured it out and have your plan of action in place.

So what do you need to do now?

Define Your Goals

Before you do anything, you need to define what your marketing goals are, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Set yourself ambitious yet realistic targets and familiarise yourself with the metrics you consider most important. Take note of those metrics and how your business is performing against them now and prepare yourself to measure these metrics on a monthly basis so you can track your progress in terms of reach your goals.

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Define Your Personas

Your personas are fictitious representations of your different buyer types. Who buys your product or solution? What challenges are they trying to solve? Who will influence or have the final say in their decision? What are their biggest concerns? What are they searching? How well educated in your solution are they?

Personas shouldn’t be fixed around a specific example, but should instead represent a typical type of buyer.

Once you’ve defined you’re buyer personas you can know start building out content that appeals directly to your audience and get them hooked.

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Plan out your inbound marketing strategy

So you’ve defined your goals and you have your buyer personas ready? Now you need to start planning out your inbound marketing strategy.

Break down the stages your buyers will go through when looking for your solution. We recommend breaking this down into 3 stages:

  • Awareness
    • Your buyer knows they have a pain but doesn’t know the solution
  • Consideration
    • Your buyers have discovered potential solutions and are educating themselves
  • Decision
    • Your buyer knows the solution that is best for them and is not deciding who the vendor will be

Start by working through each stage and planning out the relevant content and the time frame you want to deliver it by. Plan out the conversion path for each person you have and nudge the through their journey with information that helps and guides them.

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September is a great time of year so start fresh. With any luck your mind will be clear from a lovely summer break and you’ll feel ready to take on a new challenge. September is also the perfect time of year to start a marketing campaign as no one will see it coming!


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If you’d like to learn more about planning an inbound marketing campaign in September, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Klood can help you grasp your goals, identify your personas and build out an inbound content strategy for you.

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