February: Tea Break With Trevor

February: Tea Break With Trevor

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So, we’re already through the first seven weeks of 2021 and, even though we still don’t know when it will be, every day, week and month that goes by, we’re getting closer to the time where we can return to our workplaces, meet with our colleagues, customers and friends, and get back to whatever the new normal will be.

As a business, we finished 2020 strong and I have immense gratitude for that. There are many businesses, agencies and others that haven’t been so fortunate. I’m so grateful that we’ve got a terrific team that has adapted to the work from home culture, and I’m grateful to the clients that we have helped to weather the storm.

I’d like to take a few moments to reflect on some of the achievements over the past 12 months.

Launch of Sales Funnel Service

As an inbound agency, we were acutely aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to truly adopt the inbound methodologies. It needs the entire organisation to buy in and make some big changes. It also takes time to start reaping the huge rewards that inbound can bring. And especially with the Covid issues, we found that a lot of businesses we were speaking to needed a more direct and instant solution in order to get new sales leads.

Last year we launched a service that we’ve called sales funnels - a way of concentrating on the latter part of the buyer’s journey and generating leads quickly. An example of this can be seen on our own sales funnel page here


Providing CRM & Sales Services

For some time now, HubSpot has been telling us how important it is for sales and marketing teams to work closely together. We’ve known this for sometime and have been speaking to our customers about adopting the best practices, the tools and methodologies, and aligning the two teams.

We’ve seen some great results from this and the marketing departments that we’ve been working with are being recognised as having a place at the revenue table.

A big focus of 2021 for us is to formalise our sales services as a packaged suite so that others can benefit from increasing the cooperation between the sales and marketing teams.


Klood Superstars ✨

When we recruit, we put a lot of effort into getting the right people that are going to fit in well with the team and live our core values. That pays dividends. As well as ensuring we have the right skills to deliver for our clients, it means we can do so in an enjoyable environment and our team can develop.

I can’t single any person out as it simply wouldn’t be fair on everyone else, but I’m so proud of how our team works together and are always looking for ways to get tangible results for our customers. We’re currently expanding the team and are on the lookout for our next rockstar.

This is borne out by some of the comments and testimonials that we’ve received from the people that we’re working with.

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A Klood baby 😍😍😍Copy of Copy of Untitled

The start of the year was marked with the arrival of Sebastian, baby boy to Plamina, our content writer who is currently “enjoying” her maternity leave. Knowing Plamina, she’ll be busy writing about her experiences in-between the power naps and nappy changes.

Overall 2020, despite the unpredicted challenges it brought, turned out to be a successful year for us and we’re moving forward into the future in a very strong position, excited by some of the initiatives we’re planning that will help us to serve our clients in the best way possible.