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A Week in the Life of a Klood Intern

Ellie Wake 20-Apr-2016

As a business management student in my first year of university, the importance of work experience is constantly drilled into me from pretty much everyone I come into contact with. I have heard multiple times that “experience is the first thing an employer will look for when you leave university.” This is something that I have finally been able to gauge during my week at Klood - a digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes - as the experience has allowed me to understand the importance of practice over theory in the world of marketing.

Of course, there are some marketing fundamentals within the theory of business, and Klood has definitely provided examples for a lot of my course content. However, I have learnt a lot from the opportunity to actively find content for clients rather than learning about what businesses should be doing.

The social side of marketing

The social side of marketing and how clients engage with their customers online has always been my main interest, and Klood were able to cater to this perfectly. I was given a range of tasks and responsibilities far beyond the mundane making of tea and coffee that many interns suffer.

On my arrival to the office I was welcomed with a packed schedule, full of tasks based on the interests I had expressed in a preparatory phone call prior to the week. Having done other work experience in the past that simply involved observing meetings and filing, this instantly excited me.

Throughout the week I worked on a range of tasks. Some I expected, such as preparing and scheduling online content for clients. Others I had never considered such as analysing online activity to ensure clients can deal with reputation management.

Involvement in different projects

The range of clients Klood have and the services they provide is vast. It was great to be able to dip in and out of so many different projects that Klood manage in order to get the most out of my week and try lots of different things. I’ve learned about lots of different software that marketing companies use in order to monitor online activity - the kind of thing students just aren’t exposed to in a university environment.

It was great to understand how, at Klood, content marketing is broken down into product/service content, as well as brand-focused and insightful content in order to engage with customers on different topics and keep them interested in the business. I also learnt how this was just as important for search engine optimisation in order to keep a website relevant for the keywords people are searching for online, all of which I can apply both in my degree and my career development.

As a result of all of the above I have gained lots from this opportunity and I am excited to see what doors it may open in the future.

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